White Hat Vs Black Hat Link Building Tactics

In the world of internet marketing, one of the more popular strategies is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means the process of optimizing or improving a web page’s search ranking through the use of specific keywords or phrases. Inbound links are crucial to the success of any SEO strategy. In the world of internet marketing, link building refers to activities aimed at improving the quantity and quality of incoming inbound links for a page with the main purpose of improving the site’s search ranking or visibility.

Link building is done through two main methods. One of these methods involves buying link directories from major search engines such as Yahoo or Google, or through submission of articles, blogs, or websites to free article directories or social bookmarking sites. Another method is creating inbound link campaigns, which are a mix of the two. This article discusses both methods to understand how they work and why link building is important for SEO.

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have a set of rules and regulations that need to be followed. Breaking one of these rules could get your website banned. There are some very good black hat link building services available to SEO marketers who are willing to risk their business at the slightest legal issue.

It is important for SEO marketers to know what the rules are because they need to ensure that they do not break any rules, which could get them in hot water with the major search engines. There are a lot of people who are willing to engage in black hat building for profit. These people make money by creating back links for other websites. This is what is called “reciprocal linking”.

This form of link building has been around for a long time and many SEO experts like myself are still using it. Back links from other websites are one of the most important aspects of SEO and it is also one of the most abused aspects of SEO. Many website owners will create resource links purely for the purpose of getting more traffic to their site. They will then submit this link to the major search engines with the hopes of getting even more traffic to their site.

Although black hat link building tactics may seem more lucrative, white hat link building strategies have actually become more lucrative over time. This is because the rules that the major search engines enforce are more strict. In particular, the Panda Update implemented by Google changed the rules that SEO pros used to exploit. The main rule change banned reciprocal linking. Now if you create back links to another website your site will be banned as a direct link.

However, you can circumvent this ban by engaging in white hat link building tactics. One of these tactics involves sending informative articles to other website owners. You simply place a link in your resource box at the end of your article. After submitting the article to several article directories, the other website owners will publish your link on their site or in an article directory. As a result, they will receive free targeted traffic to their website.

Another aspect of white hat link building tactics involves joining discussions on popular blogging sites. Bloggers are always looking for content for their website and if you can provide them with solid information, it is likely they will add your link to their blogroll. This way, you receive free targeted traffic as well as back links to your own site. The great thing about this strategy is that it requires no actual links to be placed in the blog.